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Calangute Beach Night Life North Goa


Calangute is, first and foremost, the second-longest beach in North Goa. Named after the name of the city, Calangute, the beach has been one of the best tourist spots for both foreign and Indian travellers. The ideal time to visit this beautiful beach is on Christmas eve.

However, many believe you can enjoy quality times in Summer vacation time, as well. So, whichever time you choose, you can enjoy several water-based rides such as parasailing and water skiing. We will discuss more why you should visit here in this article. Alongside this, we will also take a look at the specialties the beach is offering.

Why Calangute Beach ?

Calangute Beach is one of the most notable and famous beaches in all of Goa. Apart from being the second largest in northern Goa, you can find lots of tourist attractions as well. If you are adventurous in nature, you can try the Parasailing rides. Water skiing is another ride that most bold tourists love. Apart from that, you can also try Water Riding, Bumper rides, Banana rides, and Dolphin Riding.

The beach is in the city of Calangute, which is a beautiful and clean place itself. The accommodation fees are usually pocket-friendly, and you will also get a wide range of hotels and lodges to stay. The cost of living is within reach of most people, and it offers some unique cuisines that are too good to resist. You can also enjoy on-demand candlelight dinners with your loved ones at a sensible rate.

Calangute Beach nightlife goa

Apart from the size of Calangute Beach, one other thing that you will notice is how clean the beach is! The beach water is decent enough, and at night, the beach looks spectacular. On top of that, you can see one of the best sunsets on the Arabian Sea on this beach.

More About Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach is often called “The Queen of Beaches.”  That is because of several reasons; first, it is vast in size, which is approximately 7 km long. Secondly, it is commercially jam-packed. So, it is best if you visit with your family and friends.