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Arjuna Beach in Goa | Guide To Arjuna Beach


If you are looking for a fun-loving sea beach in Goa, then you should probably visit Arjuna Beach insidegoa. It is just 18 kilometers away from Panji, the capital city of Goa, and situated only 8 kilometers from Mupassa, which is in North Goa. Named after the village – Arjuna, you will get the most reasonable hotel fare in all of Goa. Many foreigners love the place mainly because of its natural beauty, and the place is also a paradise for adventure-lovers. Meanwhile, the biggest attraction that you will find apart from the beach itself is the Flea market. So, it is a place you can’t afford to miss if you are in Goa.

More About Arjuna Beach Goa

You can enjoy a relaxing vacation or do some fun on the seashore, that is entirely upon you, but you will surely get whichever you want. You can find all sorts of tourists here – back-packers, hippies, and of course the long-stayers as well.

arjuna beach north goa
arjuna beach in goa

Some experts say that Arjuna is the most economical sea beach is all of Goa. Not sure that is entirely true, but the hotel and guesthouse fares are cheap indeed. The beach has coffee shops, family restaurants, and even beach bars, all at affordable rates.

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If you are adventurous in nature, you should come to Arjuna Beach. You can enjoy water rides like Jet Skiing and Paragliding, and the best thing is that the price is quite reasonable. The sea beach is also famous for shooting memorable photographs while sitting or standing on top of the small rocks, which you can find here. You can enjoy a lovely cup of tea or coffee while the sun sets in the Arabian Sea.

The discussion is incomplete without talking about the Flea Market. You will be amazed by the craftsmanship of this place. You can get blended Gujarati attires along with Kashmiri and Tibetan shops filled with garments, jewellery sets, and souvenirs.

Best Time to visit Arjuna Beach In Goa

There is no doubt that Arjuna beach is a famous sea beach in Goa. However, just like most of the sea beaches in Goa, this one too can be a bit overcrowding on Christmas eve. So, you can always visit from April to June.